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Hornet Infestations: The Dangers And How To Prevent Them In Grants Pass

July 15, 2023 - Stinging Insects

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Summer is a beautiful time of year in Grants Pass, offering plenty of opportunities to get outside and spend time with family and friends. But if hornets infest your property, your backyard becomes a danger zone. This blog will explain more about pest control in Grants Pass to help you protect your family from these menacing pests. 

We'll start by explaining how to identify hornets on your property and review the dangers that come with them. We'll also explain why professional pest control for hornets is the safest and most effective way to handle these stinging insects. Learn more about hornets and how to keep them out of your yard with the experts at Bugs Northwest.

Hornet Identification: Key Markers To Help You Identify Hornets

Bald-faced hornets are common pests on Grants Pass properties. These insects, although typically called hornets, are technically wasps. These social wasps live in colonies containing 100 to 400 members and build gray paper-like enclosed nests suspended above the ground. 

Correctly identifying and avoiding these insects is the best way to prevent stings. Bald-faced hornets in Grants Pass are typically between 1/2 and 5/8 of an inch long and have black-and-white markings with white patterns on the face. If you see signs of these wasps or their nests, contact us today at Bugs Northwest for assistance with removal.

Stings And Health Risks: The Dangers Of Hornet Encounters

Bald-faced hornets are among the worst stinging insects in Grants Pass. Many other stinging insects will only become aggressive to defend themselves or their nest, but these wasps are incredibly aggressive and will attack anyone that invades their space. These wasps also have smooth stingers that don't stay in your skin, which allows them to sting multiple times, and their venom can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Their nests are usually at least three feet off the ground on houses, utility poles, trees, or shrubs. If you see any nests or bald-faced hornets in the yard, ensure your family knows to stay away from them and contact us at Bugs Northwest for assistance. Attempting to remove one of these nests alone is dangerous and can result in multiple stings.

Experienced Hornet Control: Restoring Peace with Professional Control

It's best to avoid attempting DIY pest control with bald-faced hornets. These insects are challenging because of their aggressive nature and ability to sting multiple times. The safest way to get rid of hornets is to work with a professional pest control company. 

Whether you are dealing with bald-faced hornets or other species of stinging insects in Grants Pass, the pros at Bugs Northwest are here to help. Our technicians can safely remove the nest to ensure the safety of your family and pets. Call us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free inspection. 

Creating a Hornet-Free Zone: Essential Steps For Prevention

While DIY hornet control is never a safe option, there are proactive steps you can take to deter them. Here are some tips to help you prevent bald-faced hornets and avoid dangerous stings:

  • Seal gaps and other openings that may allow hornets to enter the house.

  • Check that all of your screens are intact and keep doors closed.

  • When eating outside, keep food covered as much as possible.

  • Avoid wearing strong fragrances. 

If you need assistance with home pest control in Grants Pass, call us today at Bugs Northwest. Our technicians know how to safely remove these pests, so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

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I thought I had bats inside my chimney, but they discovered it was a nest of birds, and also took photos of the chimney to show me that the crown was crumbling. They repaired it, got the birds out, and capped the chimney for me all in one afternoon, for a reasonable cost. I was pleased with their services.

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