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Ant Identification & Prevention

Frequently Asked Question About Ants

What are ants?

Did you know there are more than 12,000 different species of ants living worldwide? These insects live almost everywhere and can be common invaders in our Grants Pass, Oregon homes, and yards.

An interesting fact about ants is that they belong to the same insect order as bees and wasps. Like many species of bees and wasps, ants are social insects. Reproductive ants have wings and use them to swarm from their nest to create new colonies. Their wings fall off shortly after emerging from the nest, which is why people don't often see ants with wings.

Ants are easy to identify with their three distinct body segments (head, thorax, and abdomen) and constricted "waist." Other physical features include elbowed antennae, a hard exoskeleton, and three pairs of legs attached to their thorax.

close up of carpenter ant

Are ants dangerous?

While ants are mostly a nuisance to have around our homes, they can be dangerous and destructive. Below are the reasons why ants are dangerous and why you should keep them away from your house.

  • Some ant species can spread disease-causing pathogens.
  • Ants will spread the bacteria they carry on their bodies and legs to surfaces across your home and your family's stored food.
  • Many ants produce foul odors.
  • Some types of ants cause structural damage by invading and nesting inside structural wood.
  • Ants can chew through drywall, insulation, and wiring- a fire hazard.

To remove the ants that find their way to your property and the dangers they impose as quickly as possible, always reach out to a professional for effective home ant control. 

Why do I have an ant problem?

Three types of ants in Grants Pass regularly find their way into our yards and homes — carpenter ants, tree ants, and house ants. Each has a unique appearance and behavior, but they all like to take advantage of the food, water, and shelter our properties offer.

Ants are omnivores and eat almost any type of food. Unfortunately for us, our trash cans, recycling bins, kitchens, and dining areas provide ants with the sweets, proteins, and crumbs they can gather and bring back to the nest.

Additionally, ants are attracted to sources of moisture. Damp soil in garden areas near our homes, leaky hoses or air conditioners, and dripping pipes will attract the attention of these insects.

Where are ants commonly found?

Ants like to nest outside in various locations. The damp soil under mulch, woodpiles, rocks, and fallen trees are popular nesting sites. Other potential nesting sites include cracks in pavement or cement, inside trees, or in wooden structures.

Human structures are also places where ants can live successfully. Any structure where ants can find warmth, moisture, and food can house these pests, such as homes, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, and food storage facilities.

While ants usually prefer to nest outside, they will move into our homes to escape heavy rains and drought conditions or to expand their colony near their found food sources.

Inside our houses, ants will build their nests behind wall voids, in crawl spaces, inside electrical equipment, structural wood, and under carpets or behind baseboards.

How do I get rid of ants?

If you are tired of dealing with ants moving in and out of your home as they please, the professionals at Bugs Northwest are here to help. We offer ongoing services to eliminate ants and stop them from becoming an issue in your home. We will solve your Grants Pass home's pest problems through education, effective treatments, and exclusion services. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today for more information about our residential pest control services!

How can I prevent ants in the future?

Use the following simple but effective ant prevention tips to keep these common pests out of your home:

  • Maintain your home's exterior to create a barrier that will help to exclude ants.
  • Make sure to eliminate food sources in your home by storing dry goods in containers with locking lids, regularly emptying trash cans, and not storing food on countertops and tables.
  • Remove outside food sources that could attract ants by keeping lids on trashcans, regularly harvesting gardens, and not using hummingbird feeders near your house. 
  • Eliminate excess moisture that attracts ants. Make sure gutters are in good working order, repair leaky pipes and fixtures, and cut shrubs and bushes away from your home's exterior.

Partner with Bugs Northwest today to implement home pest control for ants to keep them and other pest intruders out of your home. Call today to learn more about ant control in Grants Pass.

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I thought I had bats inside my chimney, but they discovered it was a nest of birds, and also took photos of the chimney to show me that the crown was crumbling. They repaired it, got the birds out, and capped the chimney for me all in one afternoon, for a reasonable cost. I was pleased with their services.

David C. | 12 August 2023
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