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Termite Identification & Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions About Termites

What are termites?

Termites are small insects that live in colonies with distinct social structures called castes. Termite castes consist of workers, soldiers, and reproductives, and colonies of termites are known for their constant tunneling through either moist or dry wood, depending on the species. Most termites don't grow larger than half an inch long and tend to be a tan or light brown color. Most reproductive termites will grow a little larger, are red, black, or brown, and have wings.

A termite problem easily grows out of control, as infestations of these pests tend to go unnoticed at first. Regular termite inspections and prompt, professional termite control are the best ways to defeat them.

Termite on saw dust

Are termites dangerous?

While termites don't transmit diseases or bite humans, they are still quite dangerous. As termites tunnel through your property, they severely damage the wood. Over time, this results in costly repairs as you need to replace dipping floors, damaged walls and ceilings, and internal wooden structures. If a termite infestation is allowed to persist long enough, the risk of structural collapse and injury is a distinct possibility.

It's important to deal with termites as soon as you notice them on your property to avoid these dangerous problems.

Why do I have a termite problem?

A termite problem typically occurs when swarmers become attracted to your property and then set up a colony. Factors that may attract termites include woodpiles, plenty of cracks around your property's foundation to invade, damaged wood, and, in the case of subterranean termites, moist conditions. Evaluate your property for these factors if you suspect termites are present.

Where are termites commonly found?

When outside, termites tend to hide in their underground colonies, but you may also find them around woodpiles, abandoned tree stumps, and branches. Once indoors, termites typically chew their way through internal wooden structures found in attics, basements, and the space between walls.

How do I get rid of termites?

The best way to get rid of termites is to contact Bugs Northwest at the first indication termites are moving onto your property. We will take our time to listen to your concerns and design a treatment plan that eliminates the problematic termite invasion on your property. With our help, you won't need to battle these pests alone with less-than-effective DIY removal tactics.

Call us now to learn more about our termite removal plans or to get started.

How can I prevent termites in the future?

The following termite prevention tips can help make your property less hospitable to termites and stop future invasions:

  • Reduce soil-to-wood contact around the foundation of your structures on your property, as this is one way that termites can move into interior areas.

  • Seal cracks around the foundation, windows, and doors of your home to eliminate easy termite entry points.

  • Use weatherstripping, window and door screens, and door sweeps to ensure termites stay outside.

  • Clear your outdoor areas of fallen branches, piles of debris, and tree stumps.

  • Store woodpiles on elevated platforms away from the foundation of your property so termites can't easily reach them.

  • Fix moisture issues or leaks on your property to eliminate humid and damp conditions that might damage wood and attract termites looking for moist areas.

When it comes to termites, you don't want to take any chances. Professional termite treatments are the best way to defeat these pests and protect your property from major damage. Contact Bugs Northwest today if you need more assistance keeping termites off your property or need reliable, professional termite removal and pest control in Grants Pass.

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I thought I had bats inside my chimney, but they discovered it was a nest of birds, and also took photos of the chimney to show me that the crown was crumbling. They repaired it, got the birds out, and capped the chimney for me all in one afternoon, for a reasonable cost. I was pleased with their services.

David C. | 12 August 2023
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