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Wildlife Identification & Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife

What is wildlife?

Wildlife is a category of undomesticated animals that typically live in areas away from human contact, unlike rats and mice. People hunt different wildlife species as a sports activity, for food, and to make money. Squirrels, raccoons, and skunks are the primary wildlife species that invade homes in our area. Professional wildlife removal is necessary when these animals are inside your house or on your property.

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Is wildlife dangerous?

Watching wild animals from a distance is enjoyable and can relieve stress; however, approaching these animals can be dangerous. When a wild animal feels threatened or cornered, its instinct is to attack. Fortunately, raccoons and other species snort, hiss, paw the ground, or give other warning signals before they respond in self-defense. If a person fails to heed their caution signals, the animal may bite and scratch. Since many of these animals forage in garbage, sewers, and other unsanitary areas or feed on dead animals, they may carry diseases that can spread when they bite or scratch.

Another way wild animals can infect people is through unprotected contact with their fur. Although their coat makes them cute, the oil in their pelts attracts disease-causing pathogens, which can spread to humans. Because wild animals can spread disease through biting, scratching, and contact, avoid them and secure wildlife control services from Bugs Northwest.

Why do I have a wildlife problem?

Over the last one hundred years, there has been a worldwide increase in the human population. As the human community grows, new cities are born, and existing ones expand into previously uninhabited or sparsely populated locations. Expansion of roads, houses, and businesses into these areas shrinks the amount of land and forests available to wild animals. As a result, many of these animals move into new urban areas or existing cities and become problematic for homeowners. Wildlife and pest control is necessary to protect humans, pets, and the wild animals themselves as cities expand and limit habitat for wild animals.

Where will I find wildlife?

You will find wild animals around food and water sources on a property. Uncovered garbage cans, compost piles, and rotting or low-hanging fruit attract wild animals to homes and businesses. Items that hold and trap water, outdoor playsets, baby pools, old tires, poorly draining ditches, and puddles allure wild animals to move onto a property.

Wild animals, like all living creatures, need shelter. If water and food sources exist on or near the property, they will seek protection under heavy vegetation, woodpiles, trees, discarded tires, leaf piles, and other yard debris. When temperatures drop, some wildlife can sense warm air flowing from homes. They follow the toasty air to the house, where they search for entryways into the home. Since squirrels and raccoons can climb, they search vents, soffits, and spaces between frames and the mortar or siding for openings to the attic area. Skunks will probe around the house for access under porches and decks. A wildlife expert from  Bugs Northwest will help you identify attractions to your property and entry points into your home.

How do I get rid of wildlife?

The safest way for home and business owners to remove wild animals is to use the nuisance wildlife control near you from Bugs Northwest. Wildlife are an integral part of our ecosystem and should be removed humanely from homes and businesses. Our technicians use traps to capture the animals; we then take them to locations where they can safely live. For those who enjoy the wild animals around their house but not inside their home, we install a one-way door that allows the animals to leave the house but not return.

How can I prevent wildlife in the future?

Wildlife control starts with maintaining a clean and dry property because if the animals cannot find water or food, they will not stay. Investigate your house or business building for entry points and seal them with wire mesh and other materials impervious to the teeth and claws of wild animals.

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