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Pest Control In Ashland, OR

There is an endless amount of things to do here in Ashland. However, even with all the local sights to see and entertainment hubs, everyone has to go home or to work eventually. But, when you arrive home or at your place of business, do pests meet you at the door? Many home and business owners across Ashland struggle against invasive species. For this reason, we do our best to provide services to help members of this community fight back. Here is what you should consider about residential and commercial pest control in Ashland and some things you should know about a couple of pests in our area. Reach out to Bugs Northwest now if you want direct help or information about our pest control plans. Let us answer your questions and find something that best solves your individual challenges.

Residential Pest Control In Ashland

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Our homes are supposed to protect us from all of the negatives of nature and humanity. Your home should protect you against cold winds, robbers, and anything else that might mean you harm. Unfortunately, most residential structures can't combat pest problems. You have to take action to ensure that termites do not eat through your walls and that rodents don't spread diseases to you and your family. We understand this challenge. Our team at Bugs Northwest works so hard to provide unmatched residential pest control to members of this community. We are passionate about protecting homeowners across Oregon from all the negatives invasive species bring when they invade. If you are ready to join our family, let us know. Start a dialog with our team and learn more about our inspection, treatment, and year-round home pest control offerings.

Commercial Pest Control In Ashland

Some businesses will never succeed. Others have the potential to be great, but roadblocks shut them down. One roadblock that regularly damages local businesses is pest problems. When pests invade, they threaten people, products, property, and reputations. If you have what is necessary to succeed but lack pest control, you will have a hard time moving forward. Invest in commercial pest control through Bugs Northwest to ensure pests are not a problem. Our team is licensed and highly trained to guard commercial properties against all sorts of problematic species. From termites to cockroaches to rodents, we have what you need to run your day-to-day business without worrying about what these creatures might do. Call now to learn more and get our team on your side to combat pest pressures on your Ashland property.

How To Tell If You Have Bats In Your Attic In Ashland

We provide services to conquer a lot of common pests here in Ashland. We also have services for more unique invaders like bats. When there are bats in the attic, they become a big problem. They spread diseases with their fecal droppings. A big challenge with these flying pests is identification. Often, property owners go months without realizing there is a problem right above their heads. Worse, many discover a bat problem by climbing into their attic and having bats fly around their heads. To identify these pests inside your home or business, you can carefully check your attic for signs of bats, such as:

  • Bat droppings
  • Bat urine
  • The smell of ammonia
  • Live bats

If you are worried about spooking these pests while looking for these signs but highly suspect you have a problem, let our team pay you a visit. We will inspect your attic, let you know if you have an active infestation, and work out a treatment option to remove these invasive creatures and prevent them from returning. Talk with our team today to learn more about our bat control services and schedule an appointment for your Ashland property.

Does Your Ashland Business Need Professional Sanitation Services?

Sanity is important for good health. An unclean home or business is a recipe for disaster. These are basic truths. What is not a basic truth is that people understand pests are nasty and threaten us with sickness even after they are gone. For this reason, we highly recommend pairing pest control with follow-up sanitation services. Only a deep clean will remove fecal droppings, urine, and other disease-causing organisms from your home or business. In addition, pest problems are not the only reason to invest in professional sanitation services. Many other situations might require this. Trusting that you understand what causes sickness, we will leave it to you to decide if this service is necessary for your home or business. If you are not sure, contact our team. We'd be more than happy to talk you through your needs and determine if sanitation is right for you. Otherwise, let us know if you need help, and we will schedule an appointment to service your home or business.

Why Noises In The Walls Of Your Ashland Home Could Be Rodent Activity

Rodents are some of the most opportunistic pests in southern Oregon. They can find or create access points to get inside our homes to scavenge for food and water. Rodents can even nest within our walls themselves, resulting in scratching noises and telltale scrabbling that indicates a population is growing. To deal with this, you need to get rodent control in Ashland that’s not just quick, but also effective at completely rooting out the pests. 

Bugs Northwest specializes in residential rodent problems, and we offer exclusion services that make sure they don’t invade again. Not only do we drive rodents out, but we do a complete interior and exterior evaluation to see if we need to seal up any access points or install other systems that will keep your home pest-free for the long haul. 

Don’t let rodents crawl within your walls in Ashland; contact Bugs Northwest right away.

Common Wildlife Invaders Found Around Ashland Properties

People tend to worry about the pests that get inside their homes but forget about the problems that can result from pests that stay outdoors. Wildlife pests can lead to property damage around your yard and even around your structures, but it’s the health risks they can bring that make them truly dangerous. 

The first step in protecting yourself from invasive wildlife is knowing what’s out there, so here are some of the most common wildlife pests that impact Ashland properties: 

  • Squirrels: While we tend to think of squirrels as cute and harmless, they can carry diseases as well as parasites like ticks and fleas. They introduce these to your home via direct contact with people, used items, or even when pets chase after them. 

  • Raccoons: Raccoons love modern cities because they can find all the food and shelter they need around our yards and garbage cans. They can also carry diseases and lead to property damage as they dig around to forage and form nesting areas. 

  • Skunks: One of the scariest forms of wildlife is the kind that can cause direct harm to people and our household pets. Skunks have a stinky defense mechanism that can make your life an absolute nightmare if you encounter them. 

To deal with these pesky invaders around your property, get wildlife control in Ashland from Bugs Northwest. We don’t just remove the pests themselves but also provide exclusion services that keep them out for the future, so contact Bugs Northwest to get started today.

When Are Termites Most Active Around Ashland?

Termites demonstrate better than any other pest why it’s crucial to be proactive with pest control. By the time you notice these wood-destroying insects around your home, it may already be too late to avoid the property damage they cause. 

You need to know when termite season first starts and how you can respond quickly and correctly to the earliest signs of termite activity. Termite colonies are first formed by alates, or winged swarmers, which discard their wings to form populations right near sources of wood. These sources include trees and wood debris in our yards, as well as wooden structures themselves. 

In Oregon, alates can be active from fall to spring, though they generally prefer warmer days and will wait until after it rains to fly. In winter and summer, termite colonies tend to be fully formed and insulated either below ground or within your walls, protected from the harshest weather. 

This is why frequent termite inspections and treatments can keep you protected year-round and make sure populations aren’t forming. Luckily, Bugs Northwest is here to provide termite control in Ashland that’s proactive and effective. 

Contact Bugs Northwest right away to get started on termite protection.

Five Tips To Avoid Wasp Stings In Ashland In The Summer

The other swarming insects that can pose serious threats in the summer are wasps. It’s a category that includes a variety of flying and stinging bugs, and they can all be dangerous and difficult to remove. 

You should be taking proactive steps to reduce your risk of wasp populations around your Ashland yard, and turning to experts can help you make sure you’re properly addressing all these factors: 

  • Landscaping: Wasps look for overhanging tree limbs with lots of shade cover to form their hives in, providing both shade from the heat and a nesting ground for them to spread from. 

  • Food sources: Wasps are drawn by residential food sources just like other pests. In our yards, this can include sugary beverage containers left outside or in bins, as well as access to garbage. 

  • Moisture sources: Wasps also look for sources of moisture, so yards with puddles or decorative water features are at a naturally higher risk.  

  • Yard treatments: Treating your yard ensures you have a protective shield around your entire fence line and perimeter, warding off wasps before they can form nests. 

  • General pest control: Wasps can have a variety of diets, but many of them hunt and kill other bugs for food. That means general pest control for your Ashland property can also reduce your likelihood of wasps. 

To handle these prevention steps correctly and keep stinging pests out, get Ashland wasp control from Bugs Northwest today.

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