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As a small suburb of Medford, Oregon, Phoenix has been through some tough times lately. From wildfires that leveled entire neighborhoods to a global pandemic, people here have had to shake off a lot of tragedy to carry on. The last disruption you need in your life right now is a potentially dangerous or destructive pest problem.

That’s why Bugs Northwest is here to help! We take pride in helping property owners avoid and quickly eliminate pest populations before they can lead to the kinds of issues that we’re all already fed up with. Get started with Phoenix pest control that actually works by contacting us today.

Residential Pest Control In Phoenix

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Your home is where you should be the most comfortable, but pests can disrupt this feeling of comfort and lead to larger problems. Here’s why you need to take residential pest control seriously and not wait for pest problems to grow before you address them:

  • Damage: Many pests can damage your home or the items you house inside it. From clawing and biting to staining and burrowing, pest populations can be destructive and costly when they move into your home.
  • Diseases: Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of a pest infestation is that it can open you up to disease transmission. Certain pests can carry diseases like salmonellosis, hantavirus, or even parasites like ticks and fleas.
  • Other Health Impacts: While disease transmission is the worst-case scenario, having pests around your home can also lead to respiratory illnesses due to the dust and dander they produce. To make matters worse, pests can cause potentially dangerous reactions for people with asthma or other existing conditions.

Avoid these problems entirely with the help of Bugs Northwest. Reaching out for professional help is always better than trying to address pests on your own. We inspect local homes for signs of pest activity early, before these issues have time to form. Plus, our experts know what methods work and what will save you money in the long run. Contact us at Bugs Northwest to get started today.

Commercial Pest Control In Phoenix

Businesses have enough to worry about without throwing pest threats into the mix. The added costs that a pest infestation can bring to your Phoenix business are significant, meaning proper pest control is a wise investment for any local business. Here are the industries that are at high risk for pest infestations, and the ones that should prioritize commercial pest control:

  • Food Service: Restaurants, bars, and grocery stores tend to be at the greatest risk for pest-related issues because of all the food sources they have on hand. While it’s definitely crucial for these businesses to be proactive in their pest control efforts, food service is by no means the only industry that has to worry about pests.
  • Industrial Properties & Warehouses: If goods are stored or manufactured on your property, chances are pests will be attracted by the human activity and all the areas they can nest in. Even non-food-related industrial properties can be appealing to pests.
  • Hotels & Hospitality Establishments: Hotels are at a high risk of bed bugs, but they can really attract all kinds of pests, even ones like cockroaches and rodents, which will be drawn in by the food and people found in hospitality businesses.

Even if you don’t own or run one of these businesses, professional pest control is still a smart resource to take advantage of. At Bugs Northwest, we help local business owners avoid and eliminate pest populations. Get support for your Phoenix business by contacting us right away.

About Bat Protection Laws In Phoenix

Several Pacific Northwest bat populations are in decline due to habitat loss and side effects of human industry. That means it’s our responsibility to be mindful of our impacts on nature and to do our part to help these species survive. In Oregon, there are several conservation laws that apply to species of bats that are frequently found on and around our properties. 

State agencies take these rules seriously, which is why you shouldn’t try to address a bat problem on your Phoenix property yourself. Improper removal of bats can lead to punishments since a single bat can help support the growth of an entire population. For this reason, you should always turn to a bat control specialist at the first sign of bat activity around your home or business. 

At Bugs Northwest, we specialize in bat removal that is safe for everyone involved, including the bats. We can help you eliminate problematic species without being part of the problem regarding habitat protection and conservation. So, contact us at Bugs Northwest if you spot bats in Phoenix.

Total Wildlife Control For Phoenix Homes

One of the impacts of the devastating wildfires that Jackson County saw in 2020 is that local wildlife was driven away from their usual forests and habitats and instead encroached further and further into human territory. Even before this habitat loss, wildlife control was necessary for Oregon homeowners, and the problem has only grown in recent years.

At Bugs Northwest, we don’t just deal with pesky or problematic insects. We also assist with controlling wildlife like bats, raccoons, and anything else that might wander too close to your property or take up residence in your yard. Contact us today to get connected to a wildlife expert near you.

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